About Us

SureView is a software company that does one thing, we develop software to improve your ability to manage and respond to security events by creating an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. 

We started in a monitoring station in 2001, the same type of monitoring center every one of our customers has, and we had a fundamental problem to solve–how could we deliver a consistent level of service to multiple customers, all of whom had different security systems? The answer was to develop our own software, we called it Immix, a system that could integrate these islands of technology to create a single security monitoring platform.

For over 15 years we developed two distinct products; Immix CS for Commercial Centrals Stations who use the software to deliver monitoring services to their customers, and Immix CC for any organization that runs a security command center monitoring their own facilities. 

In March of 2020 we split the company into two separate businesses to address these two distinct markets. Both businesses experienced exceptional growth and the reorganization allowed them to continue to scale and better address their customers needs. The Central Station business retained the Immix name while the Command Center business kept the SureView name for both the company and the product. Both companies remain under the same independent ownership and control as before.

We are privately owned, and the development of the SureView software has been achieved without the need for third-party investment or debt. This independence allows us to reinvest our profits in continually improving the platform in response to changes in technology, systems, and hardware, and to maintain an open and even-handed approach to our vendor relationships. This keeps the product relevant for our customers, allowing them to grow and develop their own businesses without constraint. The value of our approach is demonstrated by the fact that around 40% of our business growth comes from existing customers.

Although SureView is a product, what we sell to our customers is a solution. Every customer is different and nothing ever stays the same, there is always a new system to connect, a new process to support, and procedures to update. So we built a dynamic young team that works hard to understand our customers’ goals and challenges, creating long-term relationships centered on solving problems and delivering value. This team supports customers in every major market across the globe including Fortune-500 global organizations, corporate enterprises, government entities, critical infrastructure, educational campuses, public safety, and more.

SureView is ISO 27001 and UL Certified and is compliant with the most demanding corporate standards for IT and Networking security.

Office Locations

Map of US office

US Headquarters

400 N. Tampa St, Suite #1750
Tampa FL 33602
Sales: +1 (888) 387-2860


Map of West Coast Office

West Coast Office

101 Jefferson Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Sales: +1 (888) 387-2860


Map of UK office

UK Headquarters

Hawthorne House, Tawe Business Village, Phoenix Way,
Enterprise Park
Swansea SA7 9LA, UK